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22 March 09:30 - 11:00Testa Center

All you need to know

As you arrive to GE Healthcare you need to go via the reception desk, there is tee and coffee in the waiting area where we will come to pick you up.

If you use the car parking, make sure to give your cars registration number  to the receptionist.

There is a lunch restaurant on-site for those who like to say for lunch at 11.00, price for lunch is 94 SEK.


Waiting list


Andreas Hellander
Lead scientist & Co-founder Scaleout Systems AB


He holds a PhD in scientific computing and is an expert on modeling, simulation, and development of scientific applications using cloud infrastructure. He is also Associate Professor at Uppsala University where he leads a research group in computational science and engineering.

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Morgan Ekmefjord
CTO & Co-founder Scaleout Systems AB

Business and Product development experience from several Fortune 500 companies. Successfully built solutions ranging across a wide range of industries from Mission planning and Fighter simulators, Telecommunication planning and optimization software, Regulatory and Compliance tracking systems, Large Scale POS solutions for retail and food companies. Founded and built solutions for several startups like climendo.com or Immuni.

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Sharing ML-models in a setting where the raw data cannot be disclosed?!

Scaleout Systems will present their prototype for sharing machine-learning models using data alliances to preserve privacy and enable federation of learning from many assets.

Think of a fleet of assets used by different customers all learning via machine learning. Sharing the trained model is problematic since that might reveal a customers specific use of the asset. Still sharing the model and receiving models from others is crucial to improve the service of the asset.

Example, imagine a x-ray scanner with image recognition that improves its results by learning from other x-rays where you cannot share the patients medical record or condition.

Until then, read Daniel's post on medium https://medium.com/scaleout/sc...


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